Patrick W. Thompson


Pat with Beautiful Daughters


Professor, School of of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University

Professor of Mathematics Education, Vanderbilt University

Professor of Mathematical Sciences Emeritus, San Diego State University and Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education

Ed. D. Mathematics Education, University of Georgia, 1982

M. Ed. Mathematics Education, University of Georgia, 1977

B. Sc. Mathematics, Central Washington State College, 1972


About Me

I grew up in a farming community (350 people) in southwestern Washington State, enjoying all the advantages of being young in the country. After finishing college in 1972 I joined the Peace Corps, eventually working with the African Mathematics Programme--and becoming interested in mathematics education. In graduate school I specialized in research on mathematical cognition and uses of technology in learning/teaching mathematics, and have continued these interests since.

Now I live in Nashville, TN with my two beautiful daughters (well, with one most of the time when she is not at soccer tournaments and the other when she is home from college). When not hunting I like to drive fast cars.


My recent research focused on students' development of algebra and calculus ideas in grades 3-16 and in the nature of multiplicative reasoning and its role in learning sophisticated mathematical ideas. My present research is on teaching and learning statistical and probabilistic reasoning (click here for an overview, or you may click here to go to the project website). These research foci--ideas of algebra, multiplicative reasoning, and statistical and probabilistic reasoning--are highly related. However, it takes awhile to explain it.


Dissertations and Theses

List of journals that carry mathematics education articles

Courses that have been web based

MTED 2250, Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics (Spring, 1998)

MTED 2360/3360, Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics (Fall, 1999)

MTED 2800/3800 Computers, Teaching, and Mathematical Visualization (Fall, 2002/Fall 2004)

MTE 598 Extended Analysis of Functions 1

MTE 598 Extended Analysis of Functions 2

MTE 494 Advanced Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics: Spring 2008 Fall 2008 Spring 2009

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