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Preface for Instructors

Special features of this approach (will expand
each into more elaborate prose at a later date).

Online Homework

DIRACC homework (Exercises, Activities, and Reflection questions) is programmed into an online iMathAS system. iMathAS is a free and open source web-based assessment and grading tool created specifically for mathematics instruction, and can be run on your institution's server.

Most questions are programmed to be automatically graded by the system, and a small portion of questions (essay and file upload questions) require a teacher or TA to use the system to quickly assign points.

If you wish to explore how the DIRACC iMathAS homework system works, please use the following login:

URL: https://mathcms.asu.edu/IMathAS/index.php
Username: StudentView
Password: whatstudentssee

Instructional Advice (in progress)


Fabio Milner
Joe Wagner
Rob Ely
Jennifer Boney
Hedvig Mohacsy
Morgan Sellers
Surani Joshua
Erika David
Alison Mirin
Inyoung Lee
Benjamin Carillo
Julia Judson-Garcia
Owen Davis
Menevse Eryuzlu
Barbara Villatoro
Derek Eckman
Morteza Rouhani
Palak Jain

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