Project Aspire
Defining and Assessing Mathematical Meanings for Teaching secondary mathematics

The goal of Project Aspire was to create an instrument to assess secondary mathematics teachers' meanings for the mathematics they teach. The instrument is designed for use by professional development leaders or teacher education leaders to assess the preponderance of meanings among groups of teachers. The MMTsm is most definitely not designed for individual evaluation.

The MMTsm is in two sections and is designed to be adiministered to groups of teachers or future teachers. The first section involves teachers viewing a video containing animated items. We displayed the video via a projected computer screen for all teaches to watch simultaneously. The second section entails questions within teachers' answer sheets. It is important that teachers use a pen to write their answers so you can distinguish initial thoughts from later ones.

The Animations File

MMTsm instrument for Assessing Teachers' meanings

MMTsm with Item Identifiers

Each item has a scoring rubric. Correct use of the rubrics requires training. Please contact Cameron Byerly at this link if you are interested in using the MMTsm and its rubrics for assessment or for research.

Project Aspire produced many publications. Here is a list: All Aspire Publications