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Section 3.3
Using Graphing Calculator


Graphing Calculator (GC) is built to create graphs of functions and relationships that you type into its command line area. GC is a powerful program, yet is remarkably easy to use. GC lets you use, with a few exceptions, standard mathematical notation. You do not program GC. Rather, you type mathematical statements. GC interprets what you typed, then represents what you typed graphically. It creates graphical representations of what you typed by plotting ordered pairs or ordered triplets of numbers that make what you typed true.

The animation in Figure 3.3.1 illustrates GC’s basic capabilities. GC will do far more than the basics. To see all that GC can do, select Demo/Full Demo in GC.

Review this list of GC’s built-in conventions before playing Figure 3.3.1 or GC’s demo:

Figure 3.3.1. Basic capabilities of GC. Each graph is composed of points whose coordinates make the typed statement true.
Move your cursor away from the animation to make the control bar disappear.

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