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Section 3.4
Typing Mathematical Statements in GC


Usually you type normally in GC. Sometimes, however, you want something special, such as a superscript (for exponents) or the symbol π. Table 3.4.1 lists ways to tell GC to do something special.

Table 3.4.1. Basic GC Commands

Exponent Shift-6
Exit exponent or move on to next term $\downarrow$ or $\rightarrow$
Division /
Multiplication *
Parentheses ( ) (
π pi
θ theta
Select the next higher expression that contains the insertion point $\uparrow$
A split definition (a piecewise function) Ctrl-Shift-A
New line Ctrl-Enter


Figure 3.4.1 illustrates typing mathematical statements in GC.

Figure 3.4.1. Typing mathematical statements in GC.
Move your cursor away from the animation to make the control bar disappear.

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